About us

EastSet is a boutique commercial film production offering you the best possibilities to get the most out of your East European shooting. Our german managment and the local producers will help you at any stage of your production and share all their skills and knowledge to achieve the best results for your film.

We activate for quite a long time in the filmproduction & media consulting business and know how to handle even the most complex shootings and production assignments. Although we have a classical feature film backround our focus lies on the commercial film production. This powerful way of telling a story in less than a minute makes us move and shake.


Klimaschutz TVC
Rafarm Pharmaceutical Company Corporate Video
Silja Super sale TVC
Sole Society TVC


Try out our international creative network, we offer you an instant easy&efficent access to cast & crew in Eastern Europe.

We proudly produce for you high end commercials in Romania, Bulgaria and Germany as well as in any other country or indicated location on the planet.